Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Whole Lot Of Knitting Going On!

I've finished quite a few things in the last two months and I'm going to show you some I haven't shown before as well as some I have.

I think I may have shown you these socks before - knit with my favorite sock yarn - Sophie's Toes. I wanted to make a pair for the Christmas season but not make them TOO Christmasy. I feel I can wear these often.

This is a Baktus scarf - an very popular style with knitters. It is simple - you only knit - no purls!
Although my friend Melody knit hers with one skein of Sophies Toes, I used about one and one third skeins since I knit tighter. Fortunately I had extra leftover from my socks.

In the background you see the dish towel I knit. It is finished and I have worked in all the loose threads.
I knit this pair of men's tube socks for a special man in my life. I hope he loves them.

It's a great feeling to have finished all of these things.

Our weather has been too warm to wear the scarf and socks recently, but I'm not complaining.

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Amy said...

Love the Baktus Scarf. Where can I find a pattern. All your stuff is beautiful.