Friday, February 17, 2012

I Love Color! I Love Black And White Shibori!

I think one of the reasons I find fabric dyeing so appealing is because I get to work with color and also see how colors combine.

I love to use color in my quilts, my home, my clothing and food.

Many of you would recognize my work by the saturated colors I use.

Black and white have a crispness color can not match.
The combination also gives your eyes a place to rest when they have overdosed on color.

I am ready to layer and quilt this black and white shibori piece.

I thought this would make an interesting puzzle!
Click to Mix and Solve


Barb R said...

Holy Inkblot, Batman! I love it, Kay.

Barb in Ottawa

Robbie said...

Well, BARB R said it best! The b/w shibori is WOW!!!!!