Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shibori - Underpainted - Bucket Time!

One of the things I often do before I roll my fabrics on poles to do the shibori dyeing on them is underpaint the fabric.

This is a LARGE piece of underpainted fabric that is ready to roll on the pole to be dyed in a bucket.

This is a closer view of part of the fabric so you can see the colors and the ombre effect better.

Later today I plan on underpainting more fabric. It is quite hot and humid today so I am not sure how fast it will dry. I can not roll it on a pole until it is dry.

I hope I can do the bucket dyeing either tomorrow or Friday.

It is always so exciting to see the final results and they are usually a big surprise.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing the results of you dyeing. Question: Do you wash out the first dyes before pole wrapping? I wondered also if you've tried dyeing wet? I did recently and seemed to have the same result as dry. Janet Jo