Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, Pretty Fabrics - More Underpainting!

I underpainted more fabrics than I had planned on.
I mixed up more dye than I needed and couldn't let it go to waste.

Here are 5 of the pieces hanging up to dry. I used two different methods to do the underpainting on these.

I used a totally different method for this piece. As my friend Peggy and I were studying all the pieces she chose this one as her favorite. It was time well spent as we studied and analyzed the fabrics. I decided what I would do next with this one. Peggy was a chemist in a previously life. Even though she is not and has no intention of becoming a dyer she was able to give me some suggestions of things I might try with my dyes. (I got a message from her this morning and she may reconsider becoming a dyer after she spent time with my fabrics yesterday!)

This was one of my favorites and I will attempt to save the colors just as they are.

When I finished I still had leftover dyes. I decided to combine the similar colors in 3 pots and see how the colors would wick onto various fabrics. I got some interesting results.

The rose colors were done on a cotton/linen brocade. The texture of the brocade and the colors gave a very Victorian feeling to this piece.

I just can't get enough of color and the effects of the dye. The more I do the more I want to do!

Because I have to roll some of these on poles, and do other things to some of the others I will not get to my big dyeing session today - probably not tomorrow either. I am anxious to see the final results and I'll keep working at it.

I am sharing a colorful puzzle with you today.
Click to Mix and Solve


Peggy said...

It os amazing how "true" your pictures are to the color of these pieces. Pretty.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You are right.
They really are.

Robin said...

I like the bright colors of the underpainting as is- no shibori needed. too bad you can't combine both- like a before and after into one quilt. Thanks for the puzzle.