Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Potato Chip Quilt - Jewel Of The Night

Although this is not the official name from the creator, it is what the quilt suggested to me when I first saw it.

This is the third (yes I said 3rd) bed size Potato Chip quilt made by Cassandra Philpot.

One thing I think we can learn as we view this quilt is the fact that creating this quilt is another tool to add to our arsenal of designing quilts.

We do NOT need a specific number or quantity of fabrics.

We only need to make a very very very long strip by sewing a lot of different fabric together. Then we can follow the directions and start sewing the ends together as my tutorial explains.



It is also interesting that she has used quite a variety of types of fabrics - solids, stripes, florals, geometrics, etc. She has also used a wide variety of colors. I think this is what gives it the jewel like quality.

After I came up with this name, I went to her blog. I found out she is a glass blower who creates gorgeous colorful beads. That explains a lot.

She also has added borders to get the size she wants from these quilts. Clever lady!

I hope you can't stop at just one when you create your first Potato Chip Quilt.

This is what she had to say when she sent me the picture of the quilt:
It was late, the night was dark, everybody else has gone to bed, but the quilt had to be photographed just the same! Another top ready to quilt. The local quilt group I belong to, Queanbeyan Quilters Inc, has a Members' Exhibition at the end of April so this may be one of the quilts I show there. By this point, I was indiscriminately cutting into all my trimmings from quilt edges post quilting to match/complement a bundle of 3" strips a friend had given away. I like the effect of a larger colour block with the 3" cut strips. Less narrow stripe, more of a good view.
( http://queanbeyanquilters.blogspot.com.au/ )
Cassandra lives in Australia.


Cassandra said...

Love the name you have come up with so will prepare the label accordingly! Thank you for your encouraging words Kay.

Anonymous said...

What fun to see your design in the eyes of different quilter. The side borders add a new dimention to the quilt, not just to the size. LOL

Eva said...

Wonderful colors. And such a simple method.

Dolores said...

I love her side borders. Clever idea.