Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newest Hand Dyed Quilt

This is the 5th quilt I have pieced from the fabrics I have dyed this season.

I am finding the fabrics all play well together, but they aren't matchy matchy.

As I worked with the fabrics, some left from previous work, it developed into a piece I am quite pleased with.

This image reminded me of an Umbrella tree so I cut it to isolate it from the larger piece of fabric. The larger piece was originally a dye rag.

You might think I started with this image, but I actually started composing this from the lower edge. Many parts of it were dictated by the size of the pieces of each fabric I had. Of course I had to make it into a cohesive and attractive creation.
This piece just seems to be made for a puzzle!Click to Mix and Solve

1 comment:

Robin said...

The interplay of colors and patterns gives it great movement. How large is the quilt? Will it have bound edges?
Loved the puzzle!