Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, Pretty Dye Rags - No It's Art Fabrics

These two before fabrics created "walls" on the edges of a piece of fabric I was dyeing on a sheet of plastic. They prevented the dye from running off the edges of the fabric and plastic and all over the table and down to the floor. I also got some great dye rags from this process.



I am so pleased with this piece I am considering using it as a whole cloth quilt.
Much of the coloration and patterning from the dye rag is still evident.



On this piece I lost a lot of the definition from the dye rag. I believe it is because I shibori dyed it with a very strong black concentration. I am quite sure I will be cutting this up and using sections of it in some of my future compositions.

There is no way to really predict exactly what is going to happen when you work this way, so you have to be willing to go with the flow and possibly learn a little from it.

I do keep records of the amounts of dyes I use, but it can also be affected by what else is in the bucket with it and also the fabric you are using.


LynDee Lombardo said...

Really nice. I especially like the second one.

Robin said...

What ever you don't use you could sell to me LOL- I have a quilt it would look great in!

Shelly said...


Peggy said...

I love these. You seem to loose more of the greens and yellows than the reds & blues (esp the blues). Interesting....

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

A very astute observation.
That is something we can talk about next time I see you.
I can't think of the term that may explain it but hopefully it will come to me.

Katie said...

Man I think the "rags" are beautiful on their own!! But you could quilt all the pieces seperately, and make a QAYG quilt using a contrasting joining fabric! (lol) ;c)