Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sue's Potato Chip Quilt Fabrics

Sue has never made a quilt before. She is a quick learner and is competent on sewing on a machine.

She wanted to learn so I cut fabrics for her.

She learned how to make sure they would work together as you can see here.

She them mixed them up and is already at the machine sewing them together along with vibrant red spacer squares.

Stay tuned for more progress.

She is a very creative person and I'm thinking I may be turning her into a quilter!


Robin said...

Those are great fabrics choices. Her quilt will be fabulous- how can she not get hooked on quilting. Especially since cutting the fabric is the hard part!

Anonymous said...

when nothing else is moving forward, I make pretend potato chip quilts!!!

Now if someone would cut the fabric for me.???....

Waiting to see what RED chips look like.