Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Red Sea Returns!

Yesterday was our annual Wisconsin Picnic. My camera never made it out of my purse so I do not have photos to show you from this year.
Of course I would never do a blog post without a picture.

My contribution to The Sea Of Red was to wear a red shirt and a red bracelet and carry this red purse!

It is always good to catch up with Wisconsin friends I may not have seen here all year. Of course each year I also meet some new people from Wisconsin.

Although the attendance was down this year, I still enjoyed seeing the pepole who did make it.

Bratwurst is served and the meal is complete with a pot luck of dishes prepared by those of us from Wiscosin. Wisconsin people know how to cook!

I'm using the classic puzzle cut for a true American (and Wisconsin) classic!
Click to Mix and Solve

1 comment:

Mary Stori said...

Oh what fun Kay.......we have one couple nearby who are cheeseheads......the rest of the retired folks must have moved to FL!