Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Love ........................

I have a lot of things to use as seasonal decorations.
I tell myself "Don't get out the decorations for XXXXX holiday this year!"

And before you know it I forget what I told myself and I'm decorating again.

This has to be one of my favorite purses. It is not one I use often but I enjoying the feast for the eyes it provides. There must be a "million" beads strung on the swags!

It starts before you even get in the house on the front door!
I believe this started as a fall wreath and then I added the red leaves for the Christmas holidays and eventually the hearts. My idea was I could have fewer things to store by adding and taking away from one somewhat basic wreath.
It didn't work as I never took away!

This vignette is in the guest room. It is not seasonal, but part of the usual decor.
It certainly shouts "Valentine's Day"!

I am using the Crazy Cut for this puzzle! Crazy about you!!!
Click to Mix and Solve

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Robin said...

Thanks for the puzzle but when autosolve needs 60 seconds to do it I know I'll never get it. will try but might just reconfigure it.