Friday, February 10, 2012

Shibori - Designing With Analogous Colors

This is part of my collection of shibori fabrics I've recently created shading from yellows to blue greens.

I have at least twice this many.

This is one possibility of a way I could use fabrics from this group.
When I start to work on a design I usually start with a piece of fabric I love. For this composition I started with the long narrow green piece in the center.

I hope to come up with a composition that uses a majority of these fabrics. That may take a while. I feel I have a good start as I have assembled a group to work from.


Dolores said...

Love the layout! It gives the feeling of dapple sunlight through the trees or rippling water. Love it!

Thelma said...

Such beautiful fabrics Kay!

Eva said...

A silk scarf in these colors and patterns should be of an elegance that nothing can beat!

Anonymous said...

Ah,,, beginning to create with these fabrics we have been making puzzles with for days.

Slow ....and sure... I know it is not easy.