Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Villages Quilt Market - A Great Adventure

The Villages hosted a Quilt Market yesterday and today. This was their off year for their quilt show and they came up with this great idea. There were over 50 vendors there with quilt and other fiber related items.
What a great idea.
You may know I collect "tasteful" flamingo things! I found all of these items and they came from several different vendors. I have no idea how I will use them, but I will enjoy looking at them and coming up with ways to use them.

I bought this Dovo scissors from Debbie Jones.
Debbie invented an original technique she teaches called "Fabric Decollage". You would swear you are looking at a fine art painting when you see her work. She uses these scissors for the cleanest sharpest cuts.
You can find her store on line and get your own scissors at:
Take some time and enjoy looking around her site so you can see her art and her hand painted and hand dyed fabrics which also are art.
YES, she does offer items for sale online and also is a great teacher if your guild is looking for something unique and wonderful.

I also purchased this kit from Lily Ann Stitches.

Lori Kabat came all the way from Wisconsin to be a vendor at the market. She creates felted wool projects and sells them either as a pattern or a kit.
Fall is my favorite season and I love wool so that is why I chose this project. Having it as a kit is a big time saver as I have everything I needed. I also bought the threads to complete it from her.
You can visit her website at:
You can order either her kits or patterns online and you might also be lucky enough to find them in your local quilt shop. You just might be lucky enough to see one of her trunk shows at your local quilt shop or show.

Her projects are something even a novice can complete and are so appealing. A kit is a great travel project as the size is packable and the materials are all there for you. Most of us don't have time to hunt down the materials we need for a project when we are in the frenzy of packing for a trip.

And now........DRUM ROLL PLEASE............
The one thing I coveted but didn't purchase:

It was the most gorgeous metallic magenta machine I have ever seen. It had tasteful sparkles in the paint. I don't know what you call that technique but I have seen it on cars that have been painted with many coats of paint.

If you'd like to buy this machine, a featherweight in any color, have your featherweight painted or need repairs, reconditioning or parts for your featherweight this is the man to get in touch with:

It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and be able to see and shop for such a variety of items all in one place.


Exuberant Color said...

Back in 'the day' we called that metalflake paint and loved the cars that had it.

Sara said...

We did the Florida Breeze Shop Hop yesterday but just couldn't get to the Villages. Glad you had fun.

I bought a FW from the sewing machine man at QuiltFest. Mine is just black, though. I really really really like this one!! lol

Robin said...

The pink machine is gorgeous but I went to his site and I'm lusting after the red one! That's my color!
How about a puzzle from that pink beauty