Monday, June 1, 2015

A Touch Of Red

I designed this for a workshop I taught.
I used a variety of fabrics including Japanese fabrics, Austrian fabrics, Gutcheon polished and plain cottons and Hoffman cotton.
You can see the freezer paper curved diamond shapes I used to mark the quilting lines. By doing this there will be no lines that I would get marking with something else.on the work.
You can see the lines I quilted using those shapes for the quilting. I have also quilted the borders, and did some ditch quilting before I did this. That quilting follows the patterns in the border fabrics and is not visible in these photos.
The freezer paper designs can be used more than once. I just reused the 4 shapes to again mark my quilting lines. Because I used white thread for all the quilting it is not easy to see all the quilting lines.
All the curved diamond shapes have now been quilted. The only thing left to quilt are the background triangles.


Sandra Walker said...

This is really eye-catching. I like that you showed your freezer-paper templates for quilting. Great idea!

Kitty said...

What a great use for freezer paper! I never thought to use it like that, but this look fabulous. The outcome is much more perfect than my attempted "eye it and wing it" strategy. Gorgeous block, too!