Saturday, June 6, 2015

It Takes Time To Create

I have the some of the same fabrics on the design wall and I am trying some different arrangements.


Added two different pieces of the black dyed silk samples.


Tried a run of deep dark colors on the left. I thought it worked but now that I see the picture I’m not at all sure.


Thinking about cutting the large piece in half and using half on the bottom and the other half on the top.

I think I will actually have to cut it so I can see if the dark solids will work. I’m doubting it now.

Coming up with even what looks like a very simple composition can take a lot of time.

I live with the work on my design wall while I go about working on sewing other pieces. This gives me a chance to see things with an occasional glance to make decisions.

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Charlotte Scott said...

I call those occasional glances at the design wall drive bys. You want to catch your quilt by surprise, or rather you want to catch your brain by surprise so it will let you know what needs to change without the second guessing you get by standing and staring for long periods.