Friday, June 5, 2015

Breathing A Sign Of Relief

I do send a lot of packages USPS. I love their tracking reports via email messages.

Recently this doesn’t seem to be working for me.

You may have heard about the package that was supposed to be here in 2 days, took 9 days and was never scanned along the way after it left.


I sent this garment to Houston for the Quilt Knit Stitch show that will be held in Portland, Oregon August 13-15th.

It is a retrospective show of some of outstanding garments from the Fairfield Fashion show over the years.

I did not get any notifications while it was in transit.

I was so relieved to see it had been delivered when I checked the computer this morning. It DID arrive in the Priority Mail 2 day time.


The ensemble is a coat, top and skirt.

They are my original designs.

The top is an adaptation of my No Sweat Checkerboard Shirt pattern. The main fabric is a fine quality cotton sateen. I used twice as many colors as the pattern calls for and used narrower strips.

For the coat I combined parts and details from several of my Blue Ribbon Patterns and created a new original design. The coat is hand quilted with 1/2 layer of batting. It is lined in a slippery fabric to make it easy to slip on and off.

The skirt is an original draft to compliment the coat.

I am not sure what year this appeared in the show. My friend who was with me at the opening of the show said it got the second most applause of any of the garments in the show. I was thinking it might now show well on the runway but I was definitely wrong. Almost all the other garments that year were those popular at the time jewel tones with lots of glitz and glitter. I designed it as a garment that really was wearable, yet stunning.  It travelled for a year and came home in perfect condition.

Although I won’t get to see the show in Portland I hope some of you will and if you have a chance to take a photo to send me you will have my  undying gratitude.

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