Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big And Green

We’ve had a lot of rain this spring and the yard is green.


The shrubs are huge and green except for the red one.

The trees are full and green and even the weeds are healthy!


When the house was built almost 50 years ago the sugar maples in the front yard were about as high as the first story.

Now they tower over the second story. They are actually much taller than this picture would have you believe because of the angle it was shot from.


The tall trees you see here were volunteers that were 6-10 feet high at the most when the house was built.


The clump birch in the foreground was planted 20 years ago after the second story addition was added.

There was another birch in it’s place but it had to come down so they could pour the foundation.

It is unusual that the shrubs need trimming this early in the season, but since we had two large trees and two medium size trees removed the remaining yard gets a lot more sun.

These photos do not show the evergreens nor the glass garden which is my answer to planting colorful flowers.

It’s fun to think back and realize how things change as time goes by…..or as my middle child says “Time flies when you are having fun!”

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Robbie said...

Nice to see all the green isn't it!!! Just lovely...I can't believe how much foliage has grown behind our house in the past 18 years! I love it as it makes me feel like I am in the woods instead of a subdivison! HA