Sunday, June 7, 2015

Still Experimenting


I decided I had to go back to the basic 3 and resolve them before I could add any other fabrics.

You can see I cut the larger piece of fabric into 2 parts. This was the first arrangement I tried.


I decided to reverse the bottom piece and I do like that better.


I tried filling in the sides with two different fabrics and neither one seems to work. I know I will resolve this but I need time and I need to find the right fabrics. I have so many dyed fabrics. I need something with both the right color and the right texture.

For those of you that follow my blog every day you may be getting tired of seeing this, but it is how I work.You are only seeing a small fraction of the different things I try.

I can’t rush the work if I want the best composition. Something that looks so simple can be a lot more difficult that something that is complex.

I also feel this needs to be symmetrical which is not the way I am most comfortable working.

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