Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time To Shovel Out The Studio!

After I bring new things into the studio, finish projects and find things I'm looking for I need to put some things in order.
I reorganized the fabrics I have dyed. I have them somewhat grouped by color.
There are also other stacks of dyed fabric on the shelf under this table.

These are some of my ice dyed mandalas I dyed this season. This is my ironing table I have them layered on. It is much easier to iron large items here than on an ironing board.

I have hung a few of the mandalas on my design wall so I can enjoy them while I am working in my studio
I have some projects I want to work on next organized.
Other thing are organized for donating, sharing and throwing away.
I have done my annual inspection of my fabrics and I don't have enough large pieces to donate for charity quilts as usually do. That could change as I work this season.
I have also been cutting strips of a variety of fabrics. I will make a very limited number of kits for my Potato Chip/Sunset, Sunrise quilt. Stay tuned for availability.

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