Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Generation Enjoys Northwoods Vacationing

We started vacationing in Eagle River, Wisconsin over 30 years ago.

Over the years our family grew and they all had the chance to enjoy time there.

It has been a few years since any of us have been there.

This year my son Greg and his family are enjoying time there.


Stephanie, Blake and Jared. They look like they are enjoying themselves.


Jessica and Kevin look like they are the pillow for Nicholas’ legs.


Julie with the view of the birch trees and the water in the background.

The only one missing from the pictures is Greg which makes me think he is the photographer!

They are fishing, eating at our favorite places and doing all the things they did when they were much younger.

Kringle and fudge are necessities.

I wonder if Nicholas is still catching frogs?

Still ahead would be swimming in the indoor pool, tennis, shopping, building sand castles on the sandy beach, ice cream for lunch in town and camp fires.

They are also celebrating Nicholas’ birthday a little early. We often celebrated his birthday there and found some really special cakes.

It is a time of remembering past visits and making new memories for the family.

UPDATE: This just in…………Nothing changes!

Nicholas is still loving frog catching!

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