Friday, July 10, 2015

Artists Homes

I read a Facebook post this morning that shared the homes of 7 women artist, famous and lesser known.
Makes me want to share a few more of my home scenes and quilts that might have been mysteriously influenced by them…or maybe it was the other way around!
A pillow purchased at Pier 1.
A close up view of my quilt “And……. Then The Centers Fell Out”.
My very oriental water fountain.
A very oriental quilt.
Clay pots with ombre glaze
Needle felted pillow with ombre effect.
You may not see a direct correlation between these items, but I am sure there is a connection.
I do not set out to make these connections. They just happen as I draw from within to create art.
ADDENDUM: Several people asked if I could share the link to the 7 Female Artists Homes. I spend several days trying and couldn’t find it. Then this morning while working on my iPad….BINGO….I found it and here is the link for those of you who are interested.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Kay: Interesting to see the influences from home to your work. I was also looking for the link that you found on FB, but didn't see it...?? Do you still have it? Thanks! And lovely work!

Sandy said...

All of your work is beautiful. Where did you purchase the hanger for the very Oriental quilt? Love it!!