Monday, July 27, 2015

Sun Printing Without The Sun

I find it is more convenient to do my “sun printing” in my studio than outside.

Because the effect is really created by the way the moisture evaporates it is not necessary to have sun to do it.

It is a widely held belief that one needs a certain Brand/Type of paint for this to work.

I set out to test a different paint and it worked just fine.


I painted a large circle in the center of this fabric and then placed some foam pieces on top of the fabric while it dried overnight.


On this one I just placed two different shaped foam pieces on the different colors, but placed them paper side down.


For this one I cut up some foam shape into smaller pieces and used them to create a design.

I used a 50/50 cotton/poly blend for these pieces. It is not necessary to use PFD fabric since I am not dyeing.


I applied the paint to this fabric and then let it dry wrinkled up.

I will be doing more experiments with this paint using different fabrics.

I found there were variables that gave different results.

Some of them were how thick or thin the paint was, how well I had mixed the colors if I was using two colors to get a new color, the way the resists made contact with the fabric and how I brushed the paint on to the surface.

As per so many things there is no one RIGHT or WRONG way to do things, just different ways.

It’s a fun easy way to create your own fabric.


Robbie said...

Lovin' that last one!!

Kat said...

Great fabrics, I didn't know about these techniques!