Thursday, July 23, 2015

TBT–What Were We Wearing Then?

My friend Molly and I (and a few others) were talking about sewing yesterday.
We even may have the same Pfaff sewing machines purchased many years ago.
I wanted to share one of the dresses I made over 55 years ago today.
I had wanted one of my granddaughters to model this for a picture but only one of them is tiny enough to possible fit this and she has not been around.
It is pink chiffon over pink taffeta with pink lace for the bodice. Considering the fact it has been packed away for almost 50 years it still looks pretty good.
And the back view with the big pink chiffon bow. Of course I wore this with a pink Alice Lon Petticoat I made with 8 yards of nylon net.
I sewed this on this exact sewing machine, my Mom’s Singer 201. It now has a place of honor in our guest room. When that was our bedroom it lived in there and that is where I did all my sewing. I had it brought downstairs so if I wanted to do some simple sewing for a short time I could just walk in there instead of heading up to the studio.
Here I am in the dress waiting for my date.
My date and I ready to head to the dance. Notice the corsage I was wearing..those were the days we all got a beautiful corsage to go with our dress from our dates.
True confessions: A group of girls used to get together and rent a country club and we each got to ask our own dates. Then they would take us out for dinner after the dance! So if you were part of that group it didn’t matter if you had a special boyfriend or not, you could ask someone!


Susie Q said...

Those were the friend
and they ended

and real life was upon us.

Lovely walk back
my fancy dress (store bought) was blue.

Sandy said...

I neer knew you dated Jerry Lee Lewis!

Robbie said...

The dress looks fantastic for 50 yrs old!! To go back to memory lane.....

Anonymous said...

Kay, I dated that same guy! ;-)