Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Inspiration and Beauty = An Opportunity To Create Art

As I look around our home I see many things created by others that I love.
Beauty is not measured by the cost of the things.
Yes, I am a collector and many of the items I have were free or $1 or less.
That does not make them any less inspirational.
This vase belonged to a great aunt. At the time I received it no one wanted things like this.
The plate was chosen by my granddaughter Heidi who knew what I loved from the time she was 4. The little pieces are inexpensive pottery from Mexico and the pine needle basket was purchased in Eagle River.
Yes I have received some beautiful gifts from family and friends who know me well and pick things I love.
I bought the gold colored straw at an home dec store for less than $5 with no idea what I would use it for. It sat in a closet for at least two years before I put together this grouping. The rug and short pot also came from my favorite local import business.
This beaded mask was purchased at the local business that imports items from all over the world and sells them at very reasonable prices.
The pottery came from a fund raiser that raised money for medical bills for an artist with cancer. The metal sculpture was purchases at a starving artist fair.
These are just a few of the items in one area of the house that feed my soul to keep creating my art.
Yes, I get inspiration within my home, outside in the yard and just about every place I go!

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Robbie said...

Never have seen your home 'up north' but I know I love, love your Florida home and its furnishings!! So much to see and so interesting!!!