Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Florida Kids- What Do You Use To Eat Your Ice Cream?

My Florida kids moved to a new house.

That created a problem for Drew.

There were no small spoons for him to eat his Ice cream with.

So this is how I came to the rescue:


I went to my collection of antique silver spoons and found these. I also found food fabrics featuring ice cream.


This is the beginning of the spoons file I made for him – a spoon for each day of the week.


I added a flap with the information that also protected these valuable spoons.


I bound the edge all around. You can also see the ties that are attached to the outside so it can be folded up and kept in the SAFE!


Here it is all folded and tied shut to keep the spoons safe!

What did Drew say?

“Now I can eat ice cream every day of the week”!

I hope he enjoys it and keep the spoons in a very SAFE place!

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