Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inspiration At Work

Yesterday I showed several items that inspire me.
Today I’ll talk about how this happens.
This is one of the pieces I shared.
This may not look too similar to the mask, but it uses a palette of bright colors and squares rather than the circular shape in the mask to create a pattern.
I don’t intentionally set out to make something specific that is similar to an inspiration piece.
Of course you can see colors in this grouping similar to what I use in my work.
Look closely at this section from the previous photo. Does it remind you of anything you have seen in my work?
The shibori work I do creates a similar pattern.
Colors and shapes show up in my work.
I can see a lot of influence from the previous photo in Blood Moons.
When I am creating do I have one of these things in mind as I work?
Never. By looking at and seeing things that inspire me I think they are etched somewhere in my brain.
I don’t really see the influence of things until I am studying my creations.
Yet, the influences of a lifetime of living is how and why I create what I do.

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Sherry Boram said...

I really enjoyed seeing your inspiration and your pieces, Kay!