Friday, July 31, 2015

Vintage Knit Dress


I am guessing I knit this dress in the early 1970’s. As I have been doing recently I knit it without a pattern. I had a limited number of skeins of a very expensive boucle yarn.

By taking my body measurements I was able to knit the dress with the amount of yarn I had.

I crocheted the edges with a cream colored yarn that was the same weight.


I even put an invisible zipper in the back of the dress, not an easy feat.


Knowing how knits can bag out I lined the entire dress. I matched the color of the lining to each part of the dress. I took darts in the lining so it would fit the body like the knit did. All seams were finished with an appropriate seam finish.


I covered a padded hanger with the same yarn to help the dress keep it’s shape. I had enough left to make a cord that could be used for a belt or used to accessorize it in another way.

This was a much more complex project than the knitting I am doing now.

I feel it is an heirloom that I hope someone will treasure.

As I look back I am amazed that I was able to take on such a complex project 40 years ago.

I never was afraid to try to create something and I feel that is why I am where I am today with my creations.

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