Saturday, August 1, 2015

Changing The Quilts

It is time to change the quilts I have hung on the stairwell to the studio.

You can see the quilt that are hanging now. They will be replaced by the 5 quilts that are hanging on the railing.
It's always fun to have a new view and it is good for the quilts to rest.
In many instances another reason to change them is to prevent fading. 
When I built my studio I had lowE windows installed. I also has tubes to prevent fading put on the fluorescent lights. This has worked well in the 20 years I have worked here.


Robbie said...

This is fun to 'change out the quilts' isn't it! Mine are easy as they are all small in size! hubby likes them as table topper to put around the house!

Blue dragonfly5 said...

What kind of hanger are you using for your quilts. Can you slide them to the right to remove and replace your quilts?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

We put regular closet door track on the ceiling. We attach the quilt by bending wire to both attach to the holes in the wooden quilt slats and also into the the hardware you put on the closet doors you wood hang.