Friday, August 7, 2015

Bodacious Blossom Completes The Studio Stairwell Display


This is the 5th quilt we hung last weekend. It is the largest of all of them and has won awards. There is a great variety of different quilting designs on the background and the rest of the quilt has been quilted with similar designs in the similar segments.

I did learn an important lesson when quilting this.
Of course I quilted the center designs first. 

when quilting the background with a variety of quilting designs, it is better to start the quilting at the bottom of the quilt  rather than the top. Your quilting improves as you work and people see the top more often than the bottom!

All of the fabrics were hand dyed by me.


Unknown said...

Stunning this quilt. Thats why I love linky parties, sometimes you see a beauty like this. A joy to look at!!!

Janis Doucette said...

Gorgeous and great tip, too - thanks!

Cay Denise said...

Very nice, Kay. Lots of energy/vibrance!