Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throw Back Thursday–Way Back!


This is a pledge book and an album I made beginning in 1958!

I used whatever I had at hand. The white fabric was from a dress I made for a dance. I have no idea why I had the red fur! The lace I tied the album together with was probably hem binding.

The white letters were made from pipe cleaners.

I also used red construction paper for the pages and red felt to line the covers!

I know some of my sorority sisters read my blog. I even have a sorority “step sister” who reads it.


The first page in the album….more of that lace…..the sticky letters are still attached as well as the day I made this!

Much of the rest of the album had items attached with original Scotch tape. It has failed in almost every page.


As a pledge I received this not from Rita Anderson Young, a sister I found again on Facebook several years ago.

I have torn the house apart this morning looking for the photo of all of us in our white wool blazers and still haven’t found it!

Wonder if any of you still have your blazer?


We had a lot of fun costume parties. This is ME although I don’t know what the theme of the party was?

I am wearing my raccoon coat. I made the turquoise dress with a short length of shiny fabric I had. It didn’t fit too well, but it was only a costume that was worn once.

If I ever find the group picture I’ll be sure to share it.

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Windy Hill Happenings said...

A walk down memory lane....I still have my sorority pledge book, a mug, blanket and sweatshirt from Alpha Sig....great memories...thanks for sharing...your Alpha Sig step sister...