Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Largest Quilt–Jubilation

This is the second largest quilt I have ever made. The only larger one is the bed spread/quilt I made for our king size bed.

It started out to be 108 inches square and after quilting ended up 104 inches square.


Quilting a quilt this size on a domestic sewing machine is a major challenge. Quilting this one was MORE than a major challenge.

I had planned free motion quilting for the curvy lines on the background. I had machine trouble doing that so the entire quilt had to be done with the presser foot down, stopping and turning each time the lines changed direction. I had less than two weeks to quilt and finish this quilt in my spare time as I was working at the time. I still am amazed when I look at this and see how I was able to quilt it so beautifully, even with the challenges I faced.

I finished it in time and it was hung in my husband’s new office until he retired. It was quite impressive in the space. The office had proper lighting and no exterior windows so the quilt is in mint condition.

The pieced sections were made with a variety of solid commercial fabrics. They were cut with a special triangle shape ruler which was new at that time.

I sketched the design of the quilt but couldn’t complete it as I had no source for fabric that shaded from light to dark gray. When I learned more about dyeing fabric I created the grey fabric.

I had to dye several batches to get enough to complete the quilt.

We don’t have any wall in our house that is large enough for this quilt.

It is available for sale. It would make a perfect piece of art for an office or a home with high ceilings. I can see it in a log cabin out west!

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