Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Black And White Shawl/Scarf


It’s impossible to stretch this out to length and get a picture so I kind of scrunched it up on the table.

It is quite a large shawl that can cover my back, arms and front.

It is so soft, lightweight and warm. I was wearing black and white when I finished this and it is the perfect touch.


I can fold it up into a little bundle and if fits in my purse, ready to wear when I arrive somewhere where the air conditioning is set too cold.

I used size 11 needles to knit this so the texture is very loose and airy, yet warm.

It took less than half of the yarn I expected I would need.

I love this type of knitting. I can do it without paying much attention once I understand the shape.

This was done without a pattern, my favorite way to knit.


Robin said...

I love shawls like that. Yours is gorgeous with varied yarns. Try a small nylon bag( that folds into its own pouch) to carry the shawl in your purse so it doesn't snag on anything.

Leigh-Anne van der Veen said...

Awesome - I love the texture