Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modern Quilts On Display In Studio Stairwell


I always said I didn’t GET Modern Quilts and what qualifies.

After studying them a lot more I think both of these fit the parameters.

On the left: For Never Plaid

On the right: For Never Plaid 2

Both of these quilts were a challenge to piece as nothing is straight and the blocks were different shapes and sizes.

I eventually make them fit together and make cohesive compositions.

When Greg was hanging them he noticed the casing on the back was lower on one side than the other. It took me a moment to remember that these are NOT squared off on any edge!


The Inside Stori said...

Can you share a bit about what looks like a clever way to hang quilts??

Blue dragonfly5 said...

Kay, they are definitely modern improvatiomal pieced quilts. Both are wonderful.

Kaja said...

I love these!