Thursday, August 6, 2015

Simple Interchangeable Quilt Hanging System

I have been asked how I hang my quilts over the studio stairwell.
This system works so well and I can load the quilts from an area that is not too high and them “roll” them over to the steepest point.
This view is from the bottom of the stairs looking up. You can see the tracks they hang on.
The tracks are traditional closet door tracks.
This close up gives you a better view of the tracks themselves. The tracks are attached to the ceiling.
It would also be possible to hang another set of quilts behind these as there are two tracks---think hanging closet doors and how they bypass each other.
See that black hole on the wall? That is where we previously hung a large quilt. My DH stood on the railing and leaned over the stairwell to hang the quilt. He told me to grab his ankles if he started to fall…..fortunately he didn’t as I would never have had the strength to hold him up. The quilt stayed there for many years as I was not open to a repeat performance the way he hung the quilt.
When we were ready to put up these closet tracks it was done with proper scaffolding and proper ladders and at the same time that quilt was taken down.
The vertical dark line you see in the track is where we joined two tracks to get the length we needed.
If you look closely at the top of the left quilt you can see the closet hanging bracket and the S hook we made to hang it from a clothes hanger.
The S hook goes through a hole in the bracket and also through the hole in the hanging bar for the quilt.
I love this method of hanging and the fact that I can change quilts on view often and easily.
When I want quilts to hang farther down the wall and not at the ceiling I attach a length of fishing line to each side to make them hang lower. If you look at this post you can see one that was hung lower:
No one even notices the fishing line.


The Inside Stori said...

How very smart you are!! Thanks for sharing this Kay!

Marybeth said...

Brilliant! It looks so sleek and really lets the quilts shine!!

ann said...

FABULOUS IDEA! Unfortunately, I have a sloping ceiling over my stair. However, I am thinking it might work for any long, blank wall.

patricia belyea said...

Fab solution. I love it and might have to use it in my own studio. Thanks!

Susan Lenz said...

Truly brilliant!