Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dining Chairs Finished


I finally finished recovering all 4 dining room chairs. I am pleased with the way they turned out.

I would be more pleased if I had read the information thoroughly when I ordered my staple gun. I somehow assumed it was an electric staple gun…aren’t they all???

Oh, no, this was manual and took more strength than I had, especially since I was dealing with the padding which was on the underside when I used it to staple the fabric.

Lesson learned!


Robbie said...

Love this fabric!!

sonja said...

You have just reminded me that our 4 dining chairs are in need, once again, of recovering.i will lift off the current covering if i think it looks vintage for a project in mind, or i might leave it as yet another layer of history and padding. i use a big red stapler i found in the garage and it does take both hands to fire! Am i losing my grip? I hope not! yet another reason to blog! i read your post on quiltart list this morning and agree. Those of us who like to write, are inspired to make, apt to take photos, and compelled to share are likely to blog.