Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Visit From A Friend

My friend Shelly arrived Monday around dinner time.

We had a great visit and did some catching up. We always enjoy hearing about the other’s kids and what they are up to.

We headed over to Seibert’s Pub for dinner and as usual it was great.

She was busy all day today and got home in the late afternoon. I tell my out of town friends to use my house as a motel and come and go as they please when they visit. It works great as they can see their other friends and family and yet have a place to relax. It gives us a chance to catch up, yet allows them to see others while they are here.

More visiting and relaxing. We never run out of things to talk about. We are both knitters. Her knitting is much more complex than what I am doing. She is currently doing double knitting and it is amazing.

I had planned on fixing something for dinner but she suggested we go to the Bristol Diner.


Even though it is very close by I had never been there. What a neat place. So many choices yet we each ordered the shrimp which came with soup, bread basket, baked potato and vegetables. they even serve beer and wine.


We were surprised to see who was there tonight!

Shelly brought her computer along and shared some family pictures from the early years of her life. Her parents were our good friends and I am sure they are looking down at us and so pleased to see we have become good friends.

After we got home we spent time in the studio looking at my recent work.

We also  had fun fondling the yarn in my  yarn cabinet. I was happy to share enough yarn with her to knit a sweater in her “spare” time.

She will be returning to Michigan today and it’s always hard to see good friends leave, yet grateful we have the time to enjoy each other’s company.

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