Friday, August 28, 2015

Another Quilt Finished

It’s always a great feeling to finish a quilt and add another one to my list of finished quilts.


Since I haven’t named this one yet I’m calling it Quilt 416!

The pieced shibori section was made from extra parts of another quilt. I pieced them together with a satin stitch and then trimmed the edge to a pleasing shape.

I did some screen printing on the background fabric as it was too plain before I did that.

The finished piece is 16 inches wide by 14 inches high.


Robbie said...

Waste not, want not!! Nice piece...your ears should have been burning...we did talk about you this weekend at Tommy's....had a great time!! Look forward to see you in Florida!

Betty said...

That is just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Lynda said...

Kay, This is lovely!

Denise Finucane said...

I really like this little quilt! I hadn't thought to satin stitch like this - very interesting idea :)