Thursday, August 20, 2015

Piles Of Projects–A Mini Tour Of My Studio Work

Today I want to share some photos from my studio.

This may give you a better idea how I keep track of some of my projects and current fabrics.


I keep some (not all) of my works in progress on these two quilt racks for easy access.


This is a piece of fabric I started to dye paint a tessellation on years ago. I have decided to piece the white areas using this group of hand dyed fabrics I created.


My drafting table is a good place for more of my works in progress. By the time I got my drafting table I was doing most things on the computer so it hardly was used for it’s intended purpose!


My antique library table is the perfect spot for a large portion of my dyes fabrics so I can see them and have easy access to create on the design wall.


Ice dyed fabrics on the back of a chair.


Commercial fabrics in wire baskets atop crocks that hold ???!

The smaller basket holds a select group of scraps for a possible project.

I use an eclectic group of containers/furniture in my studio. If it works I use it. If it doesn’t it’s gone.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my studio and drank in all the color I love to share.

I always love to see how others keep track of things in their surroundings, being it a studio or their home.


Robin said...

Oh my I'm on sensory overload. I had to go back and see all the pix a second and third time to take it all in. Now I'm motivated to go quilt. Your handdyed fabrics are so yummy I just wanted to reach into the monitor and fondle them.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Wow, Kay, I'm so inspired by your many works in progress! And I'd love to see what's in those crocks. :) Actually, I'd love to live in that room and watch you work!