Saturday, November 28, 2015

Autumn Socks

autumn socks

Another pair of socks finished! Yeah!!!!!

I love wearing my hand knit socks when the weather makes it necessary.

I fell in love with Emily Parson’s Sophie’s Toes sock yarn and went crazy buying it.

Then I also fell in love with Malibrigo sock yarn and stocked up on that.

I use size 0 bamboo needles after trying larger needles and different compositions.

I knit the first sock last spring and the second this past month.

At the rate I am going I will be lucky to finish using all of this by the time I am 100!

Usually I knit two at a time to keep tensions the same….a few rows on one, a few on the other.

I do not like to knit on the long circular needle which many people love.

I also have lots of partial balls of sock yarn left. Several people gave me suggestions to use it last winter.

I did knit over a dozen mini socks to put Christmas coins in but that hardly made a dent in the bag of leftovers.

Hopefully I’ll find a way to use more of it.

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