Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Twelve Days Of Thanksgiving….Day Four

Today I am sharing my college classmates.

I had lost touch with so many of them but many have been found.


I received a message from Marilyn Schley Roessler that she had been reading my blog. When someone reads my blog I have no idea they do. Even if they comment there may be no recognition if I don’t know their married name and they don’t post their maiden name. We were ASA sorority sisters.

After many messages back and forth she and her husband Rich visited me in Florida and it was so good to see them.

I also have connected with Cindy Goehring Bartel, another ASA sister. I remember seeing her at a quilt show years after we graduated from college and she looked exactly like she did when we graduated.

Karla Hanke Olander and her husband Bruce were two people I never lost touch with as we exchanged Christmas cards and letters over the years.

We visited them in California in 1980. Another ASA sister.

Rita Anderson Young and her husband Ron are another ASA sister I am in touch with. They spent most of the years since college living in Brazil.


Donna Dempsey Lee was my first college room mate and also an ASA sister. We have had a chance to get together as she lives about 8 miles from me.

Pat Wenner Reisinger was also a college classmate who I now keep in touch with. She never seems to age.

I have also made contact with several other college class mates but these are the ones I maintain the closest contact with.

Who’d a thought when we all lived in the dorm our freshman year we’d be connected over 50 years later?

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