Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Twelve Days Of Thanksgiving….Day Three

I am thankful for friends and relatives.
I put them into three categories:
1. Those  who we’ve kept in touch with for years and still do
2. Long time long lost friends who I’ve found again
3. New friends
Today I am going to share those long time long lost friends.
Like many of you when we were raising families and busy working I didn’t have time to keep up with many friends and family members.
Now that my time is my own I have been able to rekindle friendships and that has been one of the greatest joys of my life.
When we visited out Category 1 friends John and Lynn in Florida 12 years ago they had become friends with two of my high school classmates
Pat and Ron Brodsko.
Within 24 hours we decided to build a house in the same community they both lived in and have never been sorry.
Pat Davidson Maranger was also a classmate of mine….2nd grade, 9th grade and high school. She is also Ron’s cousin.
She and her husband John also live in our community. We had not seen each other from 50 years and we each recognized each other when we saw each other here.
I has also lost track of most of my high school classmates. We had a 57/57 class reunion here in Florida in January 2015.
Here are almost all the attendees. Sharon Nyiri Leffler, Terry Hagen, Barb Tesolowski Coleman, Bill Dawson, Lynn Crane Leithleiter, Me, Pat & John Maranger, Lee and Moly Edmonston and Tom Hansen.
A few had other commitments on the night of our dinner in The Villages. It was a lot of fun. Missing were Pat and Ron Brodsko, Merle and Joan Henry and John Dickey.
I keep in regular touch on line with many of these people. I have never been a letter writer or liked to spend time talking on the phone so the internet has been a godsend for me.
Then there are the college friends I have found in the last few years.
I am thinking this is going to take more that one blog post so I will finish this now and go on to that chapter tomorrow.

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Robin said...

I have a few friends from High school. We have had reunions irregularly. What is 57/57?
My 50th will be in 2017- almost here - how'd that happen?