Monday, November 23, 2015

The Twelve Days Of Thanksgiving….Day Nine

I am so happy my life lead me to quilting.

The first time I tried it at about 13 years old the project ended up in the wastebasket

I’ve had a lifelong affair with fabric and color which eventually led me to quilting.

Since my Mom didn’t sew much fabric was not something we had laying around the house. I treasured each little bit I found and used it to make doll clothes.

From there I transitioned into making myself a costume on the sewing machine with crepe paper…..but it was summer and when I perspired the color ran.


I eventually learned to make my own clothes and nothing was too challenging for me.


I started teach for our local technical college almost 50 years ago. I taught all areas of sewing courses.

The most popular was my Sewing With Knits, long before those sewing with knit stores appeared on the scene.


Of course I ended up with a lot of scraps of polyester double knits which lead me into making and teaching quilted pillows and small quilts with polyester double knits.


My first quilt made from a Lee Wards kit.


The jump to sewing with quilting cottons was the next step, although it was hard to find fabrics and supplies in the 70’s.



I taught many quilting and quilted/patchwork clothing classes and designed my own patterns for them.

That kept me very busy and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the people I met.


I travelled around the country doing some teaching when I had time.

Eventually I gave up the teaching, lecturing and style shows when my husband retired.

I now work on finishing my own Works In Progress and create a lot of new work that speaks to my soul.

I do miss my students but I have kept in touch with many of them.

I also have found my quilting has allowed me to meet and become friends with many new people.

I’ve won some ribbons and big awards but that is not what keeps me involved.

To me creating is as necessary as breathing.

How lucky can one girl be?

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Robin said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely story of your journey to quilting. Your work thru the years is inspiring. Doing what you love is a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving.