Friday, November 20, 2015

The Twelve Days Of Thanksgiving….Day Six

Over the years I lost track of most of my cousins.
I never lost track of my cousin Cindy and still see her at family gatherings.
I also see my cousin Georgia at family gatherings.
There are others who I hadn’t seen or had contact with in years.
Because we didn’t always live close to all our cousins it was always exciting to get together with them when we were growing up.
It is just as exciting to see them now.
I received an email from my cousin Jim 12 or more years ago saying “I think  you are my cousin Kay”.
Of course I replied and although we set up a meeting it had to be postponed.
We visited he and his wife Marilyn in Florida.
Since they we have seen each other both in Florida and Wisconsin.
This picture of Marilyn and Jim was taken the first time they visited me in Florida. He sure picked a great wife. I try to take arrival and departure pictures of my houseguests and this was their departure one.
I had lost track of my Rehorst cousins and wondered how to find them. They weren’t on Facebook….but I guessed their kids were and I was right.
I connected with Mary Rehorst Engelkamp and Jane Rehorst Lobo through their kids on Facebook.
They came to Wisconsin from California and Ohio a few summers ago and we had lunch at my sister Karen’s house.
Pictured are Jane Lobo, Carol Sherman, Karen Marquardt, Me, Connie Richards, Mary Engelkamp and her husband Glenn. Although this was the first time I met Glenn it was so easy talking with him and I felt like I’d known him forever.
We all enjoyed each others company and also catching up with the intervening years.
Mary and I have seen each other several times since then.
We were able to arrange a date for Jim and Marilyn and Mary and Glenn to come for a visit at my house in Florida.
I had seen each of them several times themselves but this was the first time in maybe 50 years we all were together. We are the 3 closest cousins in age.
Lucky Andy just happened to drop in after golf and could take a picture of all of us.
My cousin Paula Koeper Hashek and I have connected through Facebook and keep in close touch since she retired. I even got her interested in quilting and she bought a brand new sewing machine.
Yes, I have had some contact through FB and email with some of my other cousins but these are the ones I keep in closest touch with today.
I really enjoy being in touch with all of them.

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