Saturday, January 2, 2016

Favorite Quilts For My Family

This is the second year I have given a quilt to each of my children and grandchildren. Couples chose one quilt for the two of them.
Since the quilt were larger this year I wasn't able to hang them on the wall. My assistants, Nicholas and Blake took turns showing each quilt and they all had a number.  I suggested each person either use their smart phone or pencil and paper to keep track of the quilts they liked until their birth year was drawn. Heidi and Nate are studying the pictures Nate took to choose their quilt.

This is the quilt they chose.
Blake and Stephanie are checking her phone to chose their quilt
This was their choice.
Cooper's job was to draw the slips of paper with the birth years on them. Imagine his surprise when he drew his year first. He knows exactly what he likes and chooses right away.
Dana missed our get together last year and picked this quilt for last year.

This was her choice for this year.
This was Nicholas' choice.
Jeffrey is another one who knows what he likes and makes a quick pick.
Kierstin chose this award winning quilt made with hand dyed fabrics.
Jared  chose this off-center log cabin quilt.
Jeff and Heather chose this one- one of my favorites.
Greg and Julie chose this signature quilt that our family had made for my Dad's 75th birthday. The family members signed the centers and I did all the construction. I consider this a real family heirloom.
I am happy to pass these quilts to my family. I am so glad I let them each choose their own quilt as I am always surprised which one they pick.
This concludes our family Christmas celebration at my house.

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Ann said...

Fabulous designs. What a great idea for family.