Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Knitting Record Joirnal

I do NOT keep an inventory or record of my yarn
However much of it is visible and what isn't is organized.
What I do is keep a record of what I have knit by knitting up the tail ends left when I weave in the ends of a project or other very short leftovers.
It's a fun way to look back and remember the projects I've finished.
If there are no short ends there is no record here.
Of course there are many different weights/Thicknesses of yarn and they all are joined with an overhand knot. 
What do I intend to do with this sampler?
I could crochet around the edge and make a scarf.
I could also hang it on a wall. I like that idea best. In fact I could hang it on a wall with the needles still a part of it and when I have more to add I could just go to the wall and knit them in!

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