Friday, January 15, 2016

Having A Meltdown

Today I'd like to share a book about ice dyeing with you.  
It was written by Sondra L. Millard. 
She shares 4 different ways of manipulating the fabric before you put the dye and ice on it.

She also gives very thorough instructions on the process she uses.
In addition she gives instructions for 6 different quilt patterns she has designed with both dyed and commercial,fabrics.
This book will be great for anyone who has never done ice dyeing as she covers everything you need to know.
It will also appeal to the experienced dyers as they can learn Sondra's methods.
Her website is:
You can get the book directly from her, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Robbie said...

Will check it out! Like I need another book...hmmmmmm WANT....NEED....WANT....NEED

Susan E. J. White said...

Thank you. Just this morning, I looked again at your site wishing you had an online class or tutorial set up for learning some of your techniques. I remember reading, I think, in your blog, that you are no longer teaching so this will be helpful.

Gayle from MI said...

I got her book in the mail last week. It is a great recource for sure. I have done snow dying but not icedyeing. Something else to try!

Sondra Millard said...

Kay, thank you so much for sharing my book! this has been an amazing adventure and I thank you so much for your kind words and support!