Sunday, January 24, 2016

Playing With My Ice Dyed Fabrics

I love putting groupings of fabrics together with the possible intention of creating something from them.
As I settle in I felt the need to play with my fabrics.
I spend time organizing them each time I add new fabrics to the collection here.
For this grouping I started with the center fabric and added other fabrics I thought could work. You could call that center fabric the theme fabric.
I may or may not use these fabrics in the same piece.
I may add other fabrics as necessary to make this work. I am quite certain many won’t make the cut….pun intended.
Playing with fabrics is truly a happy time for me, I even enjoy the uglies.
I used to tell my students “Every quilt needs an ugly”.
What I meant by that is if you liked everything equally well they were probably too similar.
One person’s ugly can be another person’s beauty. It’s all in the eye of the beholder/artist.
This is a perfect time of year to start a new project.


Robin said...

No fair stimulating my quilting muse! I'm in the middle of some big knitting projects and quilting must wait. Love your 'wheel' of fabrics.

Martha Ginn said...

Your dyed fabrics are beautiful! Will make beautiful quilts! I love the process of choosing fabrics. This year my guild has had a "Shapely Challenge" in five steps where we were to make four 12-inch blocks using particular assigned shapes (squares, half-square triangles, etc.). We began by drawing a bag containing five fat quarters and could add anything else to these FQs. Working with the colors was the best part--and the return to "Quilting 101" drafting was a good refresher. The five FQs set the color scheme, often providing the "ugly sister" who had to be included, but most often sending us in beautiful creative directions. The reveal is in March, so I'm at the setting/quilting stage.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

What a wonderful image! Those pieces are anything but ugly!