Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Organizational System

There is a new book available to keep Quilters organized. Leslie Jenison asked how others keep their quilting life organized.
I know my system won't work for a lot of people but it currently works exceptionally well for me.
I can break it down into several parts.
1. Excel Spread sheet
2. Priorities
3. Visibility
4. Mood
5. Deadlines
On this table I have completed work that I will be showing in the future.

My Excel spread sheet lists all my completed work and all my works in progress prioritized by what I need to focus on first.

I have pinned other finished pieces in layers on the design wall to keep them flat and fold and wrinkle free to show in the future.
This pile of tops are some of those that have the highest priority for my current schedule.
These are also high priority choices.

I find having the pieces visible that are going to be worked on invites me to work on them.
If there is a challenge on how I am going to finish a piece seeing them focuses my mind on finding the best solution.
The last part of the puzzle is mood. Having  so many choices allows me to choose something that I am in the proper mood to work on.
Yes, I work toward deadlines best. I know how much I have to do for the next big deadline and I can complete work in the time available.
I realize if one is entering their work in juried shows, etc this system will not work for them. However the first steps in my system are universal to accomplish most anything.
I no longer do that and it is rare that I exhibit in any other than solo shows today.


Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Great post, Kay! I like your spreadsheet idea especially. I'm going to have to come up with a system to keep track of my work as (again) my current one is no longer effective. All great ideas!

Gayle from MI said...

Those ice dyed fabrics are gorgeois! They look like hans painted florals!

Cindy Cooksey said...

You have some great suggestions thanks for sharing them with us! Looks like you have more space than I do, both on walls and tables.

Jeannie Sredl said...

This is so helpful. I dictated my studio contents into my iPhone by area, emailed to myself & converted to a spreadsheet. I go through my supplies from time to time so remember what I have. Use what you have & buy nothing. Thank you Kay