Friday, January 1, 2016

Family Christmas - How It Begins

This year Julie made lasagna for our dinner. It was fantastic and delicious.
Next came the gift bags I fill for each member of the family. 
We used to try and take a picture of each person with each gift they took out of the bag.
The family has grown too big to do that so I'll just be sharing some random photos.

Santa distributed the bags to everyone. Family members were no longer referred to by name but by the year they were born as the years on these Jinny Beyer Seminar bags show. I received the bags from Jen Greasby after her lovely mother Pam Gray passed away earlier this year. That helped set my plan in motion
Everyone or every couple recieved a copy of Jinny Beyer's book Color Confidence. 7 of my quilts are featured in the book. None of the pictures show the book.
Heidi has just taken a quilt out of her bag. She made it when she was 4. You are just seeing the back of it.

Some of the cousins anticipating seeing what is in their bags.

Everyone received an ornament I had made years ago. Blake and Stephanie recieved these ornaments made with tiny Yo Yos! Blake continues the family tradition of being confused and thinking they might be earrings????

I think Oliver was interested in this ornament some one recieved
Nate and Heidi with their bags.

Another cousin picture.

Julie not only cooked dinner but she is responsible for taking all these pictures. Mine were not good this year!
There were 3 more rounds of gifts after the bags, 
Unfortunately no pictures of them. 
I made coin bags from Grandpa Jerry's ties and each one contained 5 coins from him.
These are the ones they got to pick from.
Everyone also got one of my Radko ornaments but this year they got to choose their own from a big basket off them.
Their is still one more round of gift givings to go so stay tuned.

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