Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Orange Shoes For A New Year

When I saw these clogs I knew I had to have them. The only shoes I wear are Bastad Troentorp clogs.
I had no idea what I'd wear them with but I always say "If you like something, buy it. You will find a place for it."
They look great with my recently completed hand knit socks. I am going to love wearing them whether they "match the sofa or not".... And if you are an artist or an art appreciator then you will understand that last sentence!


Susie Q said...

Those are VERY handsome clogs...... very handsome. Off to find out what Google has to say about Bastad Troentorp clogs....

The Inside Stori said...

These look like the newer soles…..not wood?? Have you had any luck purchasing them online? As you know, I too have worn clogs forever…..all still have wood soles…..not sure if I could adjust to the soft soles? Your thoughts??