Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amulets to share with my friends and their friends!

When you visit me you will see this tray of amulets on the entry table. Each is a piece of polymer clay art I have created and signed.

Please take two of these when you visit me. Keep one and give one to someone else.
They symbolize friendship and good luck.

Here is a closeup view of some of them so you can get a sneak preview before you visit. When you come again chose one more. You then can give that one away or you can give away the one you picked on your last visit.

You can keep them in a pocket, your purse or out where you can see it.

I have this one sitting on an end table by the chair I often sit in.

If you would like your amulet to have a shine you can rub it on a piece of cloth, your clothing or with your thumb.

You can study these as you work the puzzle which uses my all time favorite puzzle cut - lizards.
Click to Mix and Solve


SewCalGal said...

I love, love, love your Amulets. Absolutely beautiful. Inspirational. I'd love a bag, bowl, pocketful...or even one to hug & love.


Sherryl said...

They are gorgeous Kay. What a great idea too. I wish I were one of your visitors!

Iris said...

What a sweet idea! And what knockout little gems! I wish I could come and visit before they're all gone! Now, I'm off to do this puzzle... looks hard! Happy Holidays Kay! Iris

Deborah said...

What a great idea! I love your amulets!

Chris Daly said...

what a lovely idea :)

cottonreel said...

I,d be knocking on your door for one of these , I have some fimo , is that what you use----------------------cottonreel